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»MAIN EMBANKMENT« – Architectural Projection by CASA MAGICA at LUMINALE 2008, Frankfurt am Main Motif: the future (New ECB Premises)photo: © Friedrich Foerster, CASA MAGICA

  • Fra_08_lum_casa_magica__005
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  • Fra_08_lum_casa_magica__001
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Architectural Projection by CASA MAGICA at LUMINALE 2008, Frankfurt am Main (GER)

A disused industrial building of the 1920s, Frankfurt’s former wholesale market is about to be converted into the new headquarters of the European Central Bank. Before the real construction work begins on the site of the impressive, 250-metre-long building on the northern banks of the River Main, Casa Magica creates ephemeral, virtual metamorphoses, generated by light, on its southern facade. These night panoramas consist of motifs recalling the past (wholesale market) as well as allusions to the near (construction works) and distant (New ECB Premises) future, freely adapting the formal principles characterising banknotes, those objects which are the concrete everyday symbol of the abstract concept of the financial economy.

Concept, Artwork, Realization: CASA MAGICA, Friedrich Foerster and Sabine Weissinger Sponsor: European Central Bank Equipment-Sponsor: PANI Projection & Lighting Vertriebs GmbH Wien Event Engineering: coopertion with Light Express, Hasselroth