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... and what the women saw: detail: of Andreas Gursky‘s »Paris, Montparnasse« (1993, 187 x 427,8 cm). Gursky makes a lot of pictures over one day. So he had many material to manipulate the raw-images at the computer. He arranged new compositions of an virtual contemporary Jürgen Zeller

  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_005
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_006
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_003
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_004
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_001
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_002
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_010
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_015
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_016
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_013
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_014
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_019
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_009
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_017
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_018
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_011
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_007
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_012
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_008
  • Zcs_08_andreas_gursky_architecture_020
»ANDREAS GURSKY – Architecture«

»ANDREAS GURSKY – Architecture«

*May 11th to September 7th, 2008 Mathildenhöhe Institute, Darmstadt (GER)*

Architecture as the essential domain of man, captured by one of the most renowned contemporary artists – this is the main theme of Andreas Gursky’s solo exhibition at the Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt.

Whether a solitary structure or an intricate urban complex: architecture constitutes an essential part of the cultural identity of every society. Thus it appears almost imperative that Andreas Gursky, in his images of our present day, focuses again and again on the architectural. The show of the world renowned photographer and recipient of the Wilhelm Loth Prize in 2003 at the Mathildenhöhe plumbs for the first time the entire depth and breadth of his notion of architecture with a view toward the tectonics and texture of the built structure from outside and inside: here a high-tech cathedral for neutrino research encounters the archaic tectonics of the temple, a representational space of political power meets the informal architecture of the slums, or the textured light of a megalopolis at night – these are but a few of Andreas Gursky’s emblematic pictorial findings.

The catalogue is edited by Ralf Beil and Sonja Feßel and published by Hatje Cantz Verlag. Hardcover, German and English edition, 24,5 x 30 cm, 112 pages, 90 full color images, approx. € 39.80.